Psycho Pockets


We constantly create, experience and pocket them away for another day. Like embellishments for our mind, we carry them everywhere we go. Picking  and using them as we please, adding dimension to our experiences. Experiences of spaces, faces and places. All the places we've been add cultural cues to our personality. My life's memory pockets are lined with Americana, Asiana and Europa. How did a boy from Pakistan end up loving Shania Twain from Canada? I've got a few pockets for that. The poignancy of these pockets are a goldmine for planners, to understand psychology on a deeper level. 

But the challenge is which pocket to pic?


Your Yellow Brick Road

All fairy tales take us down well-worn paths. 

Down the yellow brick road. Into the rabbit hole. Through the enchanted forest. Across the seven seas. Until we reach Mordor. Oz. The climax. The culmination. To face our villains. To be our heroes. Trying to make sense of it all through the stories we learnt, and wrote, along the way. Guest starring the the story of life is not good enough. We want the spotlight. Here, immediately. Just like Dorothy, Rambo and Peter Pan. 

Perhaps the only thing a brand has to remember about it's customers is to make them champions of now.


Compassion & Cowboys

'Dallas Buyers Club' tells a compelling story of a homophobic cowboy's dealings with drugs, perceptions & the health-care system. One can argue whether it was the disease or desperation that changed him. Maybe it was compassion. A lesson he learnt while wallowing through the petri dish of society, silently. 

Funny thing, this compassion. It hardly makes a sound. Why? Because it doesn't speak much. It just listens. In all the brand noise we live in today, it's the listenening ones who'll win eventually. They remain quiet, allowing us to continue the dialogue. Sometimes it's not the ones who are shouting "look at me!" who grab our attention. It's the ones who say "I'm looking at you."

Moral of my story: Less lessons. More listens. 

2 Years Later

Let's restart, recall and rebloom.


Some Battles

Some battles aren't meant to be won or lost...

They're just meant to be fought.

- 2012


Many Ones

It takes many to forget one.
Only takes one to forget many.