Holy (&) Shit?

I'm not going to let this become a rant-fest, but its so bloody tempting. What can I say? Its Ramzan! As if 'work woes' weren't enough - the drive back home is rather awful. Its what I call the 'psycho-drive-hour' & it starts exactly 59 minutes before iftar. With no disrespect to rozay-daars (people observing fasts); they don't hesitate to practise such 'fast-ing' behaviour on-roads as well. Low-blood sugars & high-blood pressures govern steerings. Like a game of snakes & ladders: paths move & players shove. With karaoke 'gaalliyan' (curse-words) over drivetime radio hits; its a soundtrack like no other. Who would've thought 'holy' & 'shit' might actually go together? I guess it they do. Right before iftari, on the roads of Pakistan...
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