Crash! Ctrl-Alt-Del?

I'm sorry.

This has been the my echoed mantra on-repeat for the past 48 hours. Car crashed by a 16-yeard old kid. Family crisis entailed. Rude awakening invoked by someone carrying the postfix 'friend'.

Sorry said.
Sorry heard.
Sorry felt?
Sorry ass!

I swear I tried not to make this a 'rant' blog. But I'm trying. And failing. I'm sorry. There it *is* again!

The car-crash just became a tangible-culmination of the emotional-hypothesis of my life as of 'now'. Wow! I think my vocabulary gets more convoluted (read: scrwed-up) in direct correlation to my life.

My life! My life is going through the 'blue-screen-of death': and apparently all my buttons are being pushed *except* those elusive 'Ctrl-Atl-Deletes'...

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