Have You Scene Life?

Have you seen-a-scene, on the tv-screen, taken bit-for-bit from your life? When those 'fictional characters' become 'frictional realities'. Its a surreal electronic versioned moment of pure deja vu. Catches you off-guard on-screen.

Something like that happened yesterday. Like a sudden POP! Sorry for the unoriginal sound-effect, but for the life of me, I just don't know what a breaking memory bolt sounds like! Suddenly, I found myself the character onscreen; breaking-up, breaking-in & breaking-through to a lover. A dead memory relived. Like an emotive resuscitator jolt to resurrect the soul.

All good literature is like that I believe. It makes us relive all those precious moment that had passed us by in a hurry. All those feelings that never registered into memories. And all those memories that never translated into actions. Good writing is TIVO for the soul.

All I remember was this song playing in the background. After all, how often do we remember what we actually said. And how often do we remember what we actually felt?

I'll let you decide. Because, I can't rescue you...


by Lucinda Williams

He can't rescue you
Can't pull the demons from your head
Can't lull you from your sleepy bed
He can't rescue you

He can't protect you
From the powers that will be
The hours of insanity
He can't protect you

He can't change you
Change the summers of your beauty
The thunderstorms within your purity
He can't change you

He can't carry you
Past the door of every danger
Every foe and every stranger
He can't carry you

He can't save you
From the plain and simple truth
The waning winters of your youth
He can't save you

He can't fix you
Your tears will always leave their mark
From fears that stay inside the dark
He can't fix you

What can he do
But tie some ribbons in your hair
And show you that he'll always care
Thats all he can do

La la la

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