Gossip Girls!

There are two girls I know, Serena & Blair. Different personalities, same scene. Both time-bound event-specific introverts & extroverts.

BFFs! (Best Fiends forever)

Light-hearted butterfly with a lot of baggage that really doesn't set her free. Think a free as a bird within an electric fence. Not kniving but more of a seductress. Flaunts her faults as much as her capabilities. Outwardly loud, boisterous yet inwardly delicate. Gets what she wants through charm & whim. Looses what she wants through harm & sin.

Complexly sweet, like a hot fudge cake. A quick sugary bite with a lingering after-taste. Think a groomed poodle with a bitter bite. Behaved with a dry bite. Calculated once. Unpredictable twice. Gets her way through a thick coat of apple-polish coupled with heriditary wax. Motive-ated. A jumpy gigly squiggley. Lovely sight. Lovelier might.

* Names & locations have been changed in order of discretion. Resemblance to any characters, fictional or non, is purely coincidential *

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