Only. Lonely. Heavenly.

They say that the moon last night was the largest it has been or will remain so for some time to come. Enormous, bright & magnificent! Outshining everything around it. Almost untouchable. Absolutely charming. Utterly lonely. Don't you think so? The big black sky can be lonely place.

A bit like a floating ice-berg in the night sea. How sad & alone it must feel. Drifing in its own melancholy, memories & more. Swaying in an almost comfortable sadness. Or a sad numbness. Collectively like that Pink Floyd song.

Until it got his with that metal monstrosity called the 'Titanic'! Poor iceberg! He was just floating there like a harmless gentle giant till that arrogant people-laden vessel came around & knocked (the hell out) on his door. So much comotion. Noise. Debris. Emotional water-works. Electrical fireworks. Poor iceberg. Must've been scared wetless.

Don't be sad when you're lonely. Float high. Shine bright. You're your spotlight. Enjoy it! You never know when a careless Titanic might be around your corner. 'Cause Adam was doin' pretty ok on his own in heaven, if you know that I mean...

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