Nothing better than crossing out films you've just watched off your 'To Watch" list, 'eh? What? No? Ok. Maybe its just me. But if it is me, it feels bloody darn good!

Speaking about myself, whenever I want to escape my life... I watch someone else's i.e. Watch a movie. It holds more than a few hours of entertainment. Its like a portal into another life. I love how fantastic art is that way.

Let's see. What did I watch recently (minus silly my own life-linking-self-affirming commentary):

Slumdog Millionaire:
Danny Boyle's minimally magnificient masterpiece. If this doesn't make you laugh & cry, then you probably have had too much botox. This if cinematic spledour 2009.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona:
This is a story about how f**ked up Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio & Libra characters are. Other similiarities might be there. Must watch & fresh new Woody Allen work for non-Aries, Capricorns, Libras & Scorpios too. Now you will know how crazy we are.

Burn After Reading:
No start. No end. A bit like life really. We only remember the in-between. And the Coen brothers make it work. Like a charm. Clooney & Pitt outshine all but Ms. Fargo. Coen Brother fans would know. You will too. Soon.

Good hair
Like you haven't got.
So, watch & suffer.

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