Client Agency Relationshit

Oops... A Freudian typo?

This blog needed a major kick-start. So I'm back. Kicking it. They say its always good to start a monologue with a anecdote. Here's one:

Funny, yes. Alarming? Perhaps.

Agencies love berating the Client. Clients love destroying agencies. It's a dysfunctional relationship made in hell. Like two wrestlers chained together. A relationship (like many in my life) I absolutely fail to understand. after all, not any relationship can be based on blame alone, right?

One of my profs gave a good example. Role-play! Switch roles for a week. The client would be the agency & vice-versa. The work might be sh*t on both sides but it's a sure-fire way of improving the relationship.

But I do dare you to try this beyond the realm of advertising alone! ;-)

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