Leaving A Lover...

Something which came up in writing class today, accidentally.

Is this it?

This is it.

Slight pause. The train is slowing down.

It was good seeing you after a lot of time…

Well, I gave you a lot to see... didn’t I?

Nervous laughter. Uncomfortable silence.

You know you should really let go of my hand; the baggage is not going to carry itself you know…

Then who’s going to carry me?

That’s really lame. You are impossible.

So are we.

More uncomfortable silence. The train slows down to a stop.

If you don’t stop looking at me, I’ll say the ‘M’ word.

If you say the ‘M’ word, I’ll say the ‘F’ word.

If you say the ‘F’ word, I’ll say the ‘L’ word.

Five years too late aren’t you?

Fashionably so…

You know, I never agreed with your fashion sense.

At least I ‘made’ sense.

More than we ‘made’ love?

I guess...

Smiles, into each other’s eyes…

You know, you should really let go of my hand.

I have. You’re holding on to the baggage.



Bilal said...

Dude, been reading for a while now. You have a knack for the hidden but meaningful. Keep writing.

asad shaykh said...

Thank you for reading & then commenting Bilal. Glad that you're reading. Means a lot.


Raskolnikov said...

:-) made me smile.

New Film Blog said...

there's so much in such a little story. lewis told me about this and it was great.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. Its almost voyeuristic... but then again, not.