Zodiac's Sexual Place-ments

Aquarians: Ooops! Hehehe... I guess we don't need a place now.
Pisceans: Place? Yea I gotta 'place' with your name on it!
Aries: Hurry... Or someone's gonna wake-up!!!
Taurians: Are we there yet?
Gemini: When we get to your place, can I wear your clothes?
Cancer: Place? I need space!
Leo: My place is a mess, so... :-)
Virgo: Your place is a mess, so... :-)
Libra: Who needs a place 'eh?!? ;-)
Scorpio: Have face? Got place!
Sagittarius: Welllllllll... We always have the great outdoors! :-)
Capricorns: I'll see you in my office...

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