SuperDry... for a White Guy?

Did you know... that one of fastest growing brands of our time is SuperDry?

Did you know... its success is solely based on it visual ID which combines 'retro-cool' pop-culture references from the 3 strongest youth-identities in the world i.e. The UK, USA & Japan.

Did you know it was born in a British suburbia called Cheltenham?

The business was established by Julian Dunkerton as Cult Clothing in Cheltenham in 1985.[2] It opened its first store under the Superdry name in Covent Garden in London in 2004.[3] Superdry have no advertisements or celebrity endorsement, but the popularity of the brand grew rapidly after David Beckham was seen wearing its signature Osaka T-shirts and Brad leather jacket.

Origins of a brand matter. But the story that unfolds matters more.

A bit like people.

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