Explosions of Life

Or in other words... festivals.

Coming from a war-torn-terrorist-worn country, I realised how important they are for a nation's socio-emotional health. I didn't realise that when I was there. Festivals, concerts & mass public gatherings don't happen back home (Pakistan) that much due to the ever lurking fear of a terrorist attack. Which means people don't come together randomly, to interact, rejoice & celebrate.

Which is a bit of a shame really...

Why? Because it means they're almost always stuck behind closed doors & blinding walls of their homes, offices, bars or clubs. Less of physical boundaries & more of social dividers, being indoors with familiar faces doesn't provide the limitless freedom festivals offer. Freedom from social division, religious predisposition & monetary confinement. It's everyone in a field!

Almost a primitive joy, which I believe is very important for a society to come together & flourish. If this glue isn't around, the society just might break down.

For now, go out & enjoy these different kinds of explosions. Explosions of life. They're important to counter their uglier counterparts. Only such humanity can remind us of our own.

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