I love the irony in this photo. There is I, dwarfed by the wreckage of
my BlackBerry. David vs. Goliath: The End? Smiling like a triumphant
child, marveling and my engineered-deconstruction. There is time,
standing still. There are colours foreign & unknown. There are fears
distant & known.

I live in a fog of communication. A wireless zombie with arms
stretched out like antennas. Shouting out into space. I listen, act &
react. Always waiting & waiting, to bump into someone human. To be,
someone human. To become, someone human. Yet, everyday, these
outstretched fingers tire of hammering their heads against soulless
plastic barriers keeping us apart, rather than keep us a part. Now, I
know better. Plastic vs. Skin. How can I expect more than tactile
feedback from you? You, after all, have become, just another button on
the keyboard. Lying besides me, yet your face is away.

I disconnected today. Yet I retouched, today.

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