Sinusitis & Mad Men.
Spears & Magnificence.
Solace & Myself.

You know, sometimes a man just needs some time on-his-own. The same goes for a woman. They say, "be your best". What they usually forget is that "be" comes after "becoming" in this case. To be one's best; you have to go through this becoming. And this becoming requires solace, madness & strength.

I have sinusitis. Apparently, I have more bacteria in my ear/nose/throat than politicians on Pakistani Cable-tv. And I can accurately make that claim because I have nothing better to do than to count them the whole day, while I rest. Mad Men! Like this TV series I've been watching per my own accord - sponspored by 'Sinusitis'. And boy does that feel good. This disconnection from the world, feels so good. I actually feel myself.

Look at Britney Spears. From tragedy to triumph, in just 9 months. How? By "be"ing on her own. Heck, even a stage-play needs an intermission before to transcend first-act-catastrophes to second-act-successes. But sometimes it so hard to insert that "commercial break" into our lives - to give it a rest! Because what's a man without solace? Just fragments he's tries to sell amongst everyone around him. Like a pie; cut into too many pieces, leaving behind only crumbs.

Whether the exposure-onslaught is from paparazzi or BlackBerry, both rid us of those purest of moments. Of solace. Of genius. Of joy. And sometimes, ironically, you need 'disconnection' to string them back into your life.

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