Book Ends. Year Ends. Career Ends.

<<n869365695_5238518_5182.jpg>> Ah! This week has been rather hellish,
so I thought I'd brighten it up with a cute photo of self trapped in a
happy bookish moment. The year is ending along with a lot of things. My
bigger-boss left, so that's an end to office affection. My colleague
left, which is an end to an institution. My littler-boss got engaged,
which is an end to (her) singledom. My website is almost desinged &
complete, which is an end to a mission. My solid 2 years of working on
Pakistan finished, which is an end of an era.

Let's see what the next year brings... A more meaningful end or merely a
mean to an end? We'll just have to wait. Till, the end.

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