Emotional Insurance

Spotted this tongue-in-cheek car sticker a few days back. "Insured by MAFIA" it says. Talk about putting a point across... No matter whose gonna hit whom, YOU sure are going to pay. Now THAT my friend, is insurance!

Which got me wondering... Anyone who can offer emotional insurance, would/could/should become an instantanous millionaire! Isn't it emotions that all of us fear? Emotions regarding death & goodbyes. Emotions dealing with sorry & regret. Emotions we might feel when things go awry. Its this fear of not having control over emotions that drives us towards/against them. So isn't insurance to deal with all the things we lack control on? Theoretically yes. Actually, no.

If Emotional Insurance was to be a reality, what would be its premium? Friends perhaps. And what about the downpayment. Possibly, laying your heart on the line. Unless insured fully via these, is there any other way to live your life fully? I don't think so.

So that might be one of my Y2K9 resolutions. To live life to the max. And to leave my insurance to all my lovers. I might get broken, but I will be saved. And a life without emotion is a life never lived...

And if you're reading this, you probably ARE my Emotional Insurance MAFIA... :-)

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